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The Global Academy provides direct and meaningful instruction in English language development, English language arts, mathematics, social-emotional learning and general topics related to culture shock and the transition to life and school in Kansas City. We offer a half-day program to elementary age students. The students will ride the bus to their home school as all other students. Students in grades 4-6 will eat breakfast and board the bus to the Global Academy. They will return prior to lunch. Students in grades K-3 will spend the morning at their home school and come to the Global Academy after lunch. We ensure that all Global Academy students are able to participate in the Arts, physical education and recess at their home schools.

Mission: The Global Academy utilizes best practices and resources to develop both critical thinkers and productive citizens. We create a sense of community by fostering multilingualism, acknowledging cultural assets and celebrating diversity.

Vision: The Global Academy is a safe, welcoming environment as students and their families transition to school and life in Kansas City.


Dr. Brendon Thiry

Dr. Brendon Thiry teacher at the Global Academy

Welcome to the Global Academy at the International Welcome Center. I have been teaching for more than 7 years and have my doctorate in education. I specialize in Mathematics and English development. I am fluent in Spanish and currently studying Swahili. My passion is working with children and helping to make the community a better place for them. It is a pleasure to serve as a teacher at the Global Academy.

As a new teacher, I am excited to bring a fresh and innovative perspective to our highly experienced team. I have previously worked in the district with ELL's at the secondary level, focusing on language and literacy. I am excited to welcome students K-6 to join our community that is centered around both acceptance and unity.

Ms. Erin Pins

Erin Pins teacher at the Global Academy

Ms. Abilgail Edwards

Abigail Edwards Teacher at the Global Academy

Hello, my name is Abigail Edwards. I have been in education for 16 years. I have taught K-12 English as a Second Language for most of my career. I have also taught Kindergarten and Fourth grade in the general education classroom. The Global Academy is an amazing program and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the children and families in Kansas City Public Schools.

Hi! I am Emma Jones, a teacher at the Global Academy. I have 23 years of teaching experience, all of which have been with English Language Learners. I have my Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and have been working with newcomer students and refugees for the past 11 years. Working at the Global Academy is my absolute dream, and I am extremely fortunate to be able to teach and welcome new students and their families every day.

Mrs. Emma Jones

Emma Jones teacher at the Global Academy